I started Dawn Snyder Associates believing that good learning and performance systems help everyone. When workers are engaged,  they are likely to perform well and make valued contributions to their organizations. When the workforce meets performance goals, organizations are healthy. They create and add value to everyone they serve—workers, workforce, customers, and society.

For more than 20 years, we have been working with organizations to help them take performance to the next level.  Perhaps there’s a new initiative. Or they are not getting the results they expected for a process or program. Together, we figure out what good performance looks like and what it takes to get there.

Our projects represent most industries and all levels in organizations, particularly knowledge workers.

We have expertise in learning, performance, change management and organization development. Our clients have one thing in common: Performance matters.

We’re different from other learning and performance improvement organizations. We customize our approach to your unique situation to get to a feasible, sustainable solution as quickly as possible. We integrate with your team to maximize your investment, and bring in additional talent, when needed, to complete the project. We meet you where you are NOW and take advantage of what’s already working.

Our mission is to help organizations gain and maintain a competitive advantage by enhancing workforce and organizational performance.

Meet Dawn Snyder

Founder | Fearless Leader

Dawn M. Snyder is the founder of Dawn Snyder Associates, a learning and performance firm that provides consulting on learning strategies, curriculum architecture, performance assessment and evaluation. Dawn has a proven track record of bringing practical, cutting-edge solutions to organizations who want to take performance to the next level. She helps these organizations achieve results by combining contemporary evidence-based best practices from a variety of disciplines, including learning and talent development, performance improvement and change management. She is the go-to consultant for initiatives that impact global learning and performance and talent development.

Dawn has also worked within organizations as a manager and change agent to build high-performing teams and programs that achieve transformative business results. She is recognized as an expert on analyzing what “good” looks like and helping groups at all levels push past barriers and achieve dramatic market, revenue and business success.

She is at the forefront of leading and managing remote and culturally diverse global teams.

Her superpowers include figuring things out using analysis and research techniques, translating research into practice, getting people on the same page, motivating and empowering teams and individuals, and aligning strategies and processes to desired results.

Dawn is passionate about supporting emerging talent and has worked in universities and corporations to build curricula and teach in programs that credential high-performing individuals. She teaches graduate-level classes in performance improvement, change management, evaluation, organizational learning, knowledge management, leadership, and project and relationship management. She advises doctoral students on their research.

Dawn holds a M.S. and Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology and is also a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) and Certified Change Management Practitioner (Prosci). She serves on the Advisory Board of the Doctorate of Professional Studies in Instructional Design Leadership at Franklin University and is the President of Central Ohio Chapter of ATD.


We draw on broad industry experience and an extensive professional network to bring in the right expertise and support for your project. Often, we work with your team to achieve outcomes, upskilling and coaching, to enable and transform your organization.

What can you expect?

We only bring in the best—proven professionals who add value to your project.


  • Computer Education Management Association’s Impact Award for a learning product that provided 60% faster implementation, 28% increase in customer promoters, and 55% decrease in cost of ownership. (Team award)

Academic Credentials

  • Ph.D., Instructional Systems Technology, Language Education – Indiana University
  • M.S., Instructional Systems Technology – Indiana University
  • B.A., English Language and Literature, cum laude – Butler University
  • Doctoral Teaching & AdvisingFranklin University

Business Credentials

  • Certified Change Management Professional – Prosci 
  • Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) – International Society for Performance Improvement*
  • LEVEL II DACUM Facilitator – Center on Education and Training for Employment, The Ohio State University
  • DACUM Job Analysis Process – Center for Education on Training and Employment, The Ohio State University
  • DACUM Facilitator Training Institute – Center for Education on Training and Employment, The Ohio State University
  • SCID (Systematic Curriculum and Instructional Development) Training Institute – Center for Education on Training and Employment, The Ohio State University


  • Dawn is a regular featured blogger on the popular performance improvement blog site HPT Treasures
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Our Clients

Here are just some of the many clients Dawn has worked with to help improve their business!

Marc Teer, FAIA

Founder & CEO, Black Spectacles

Carol Shea

Olivetree Insights

John Moser

The Ohio State University –
Center On Education And Training For Employment

Melissa Majors

Melissa Majors Consulting