The news today is filled with stories about how systems can help or hurt individuals or groups. This is not new! Dawn Snyder founded the business to create and adjust systems so that everyone can benefit. Our work is evidence-based, inclusive, and results-oriented.

What We Do

We help organizations grow and change by cultivating practical, cutting-edge learning and performance solutions.

1. We identify performance requirements that will achieve business goals.

2. We provide information about performance (actual performance, desired performance, performance gaps, and root causes, and measures) so that clients can get the most impact from available resources.

3. We formulate feasible, actionable strategies that align efforts to the desired organizational outcomes.

4. We create performance solutions that get results.

5. We build evaluation systems that help clients make decisions about performance and to continuously improve their products and services.


How We Do It

  • Focus on your unique context and needs
  • Learn about opportunities and barriers that impact performance
  • Build on existing strengths, successes, and capabilities
  • Focus on efficiency, feasibility, sustainability
  • Collaborative, positive, success-oriented
  • Leverage existing resources to promote client ownership of the solution
  • Add value in every aspect of our partnership
Marc Teer, FAIA

Founder & CEO, Black Spectacles

Carol Shea

Olivetree Insights

John Moser

The Ohio State University –
Center On Education And Training For Employment