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Training Not Working? Check This! (One in a Series)

If we do not also address the underlying knowledge and skills that learners need, we fail to equip them to perform.

Do You Eat Your Own Dog Food?

“Dogfooding” is a concept from the product development community that refers to an organization using its own product to test it. This is a way of seeing how products work in real-world situations, developing empathy for the user experience, and working out bugs. “Dogfooding” is one (albeit incomplete) strategy consistent with design thinking, in which we observe and develop empathy with users while creating a solution to meet their needs.

What Did You Unlearn This Year?

I planned my January 2020 blog post to reveal what I learned during a year of experimentation and deliberate transformation. This design thinking approach to reconceptualizing my business began well before the pandemic and continued throughout. At the beginning of that journey, I pictured sharing the lessons that I learned. But the insight I have […]

Outsourcing: Are You Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater?

To develop an effective partnership, organizations and vendor partners must jointly consider how to incorporate proven best practices and ensure the long-term viability of the performance solutions they create.”

The Increasing Value of a Performance Mindset

Without the capacity to determine how to close performance gaps, talent development professionals often find themselves taking orders from decision-makers who don’t recognize the value of starting with the end in mind.”

Performance Improvement’s Role in Inclusion

“As performance improvement professionals, we create and enhance systems, and we know that systems can benefit or disadvantage individuals or groups. We have the opportunity to ensure that we are creating inclusive systems by considering access to resources, ability to leverage competencies, and ability to participate in opportunities for success and recognition.”